Microplaster and Waterproofing: The Key to Protecting your Investment

November 8, 2022

When you put your dream pool in your backyard after years of planning and months of work, the last thing that you want is for the whole project to need to be refinished. After all, a pool is an expensive investment. On average, it can cost about $50,000 to install an in-ground concrete pool. However, many pool owners are unaware that without proper microplaster and waterproofing services, chemical damage and exposure to harmful environmental elements can irreversibly damage and corrode the finish and structure of your pool on a timeline as short as three to seven years! 

The best way to avoid the discoloration and cracks that turn your backyard daydream into a nightmare is to properly waterproof the surface of your pool using a waterproof microplaster. The lack of an effective waterproof barrier around your concrete pool shell makes the foundation prone to instability, which is a result of the capillary action of water. The protective barrier resists the negative and positive water pressure, ensuring the long life of your pool. It remains healthy, functional, and clean for many years.

Not only will waterproofing protect your pool, but it will also protect your wallet. The prices of resurfacing are steep (up to thirty thousand dollars steep!), and the longer your pool plaster can last, the less often you will need resurfacing services. SKIN’s waterproof microplaster prevents this excessive expense so that you can relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor and not pay even more for it to remain functional. 

High-Performance Microplaster and Waterproofing

Waterproof microplaster is a relatively new technology created by SKIN. So, what if you have already finished your pool before hearing about the microplaster revolution? Hope is not lost! The waterproof microplaster by SKIN can be applied to existing pools in order to fully fortify and protect the new surface as well as repair the damage, keeping you from needing to redo it in the future. It works flawlessly for new and existing pools alike and can be perfect for pool resurfacing if your structure is in need of repair. 

The microplaster allows for quick and easy application that can be completed in a matter of hours by approved contractors. Since it is a micro-crystal technology, you will be spending way less on materials and labor than you would spend on regular pool plaster. Therefore, our microplaster and waterproofing method does not stretch your budget, and you don’t have to worry about your precious investment running high costs. Your pool will look expensive and opulent, but only you know how cost-effective it really is!

SKIN’s waterproof microplaster is the best way to protect the structural integrity of your pool and prevent draining your bank account. With us, you don’t have to worry about frequent repair and maintenance as it can last for more years than conventional Portland cement-based pool plaster. It also looks as fantastic as it functions, and when applied by an approved applicator, SKIN has a 5-year minimum guarantee! 

To learn more about how our microplaster and waterproofing services can protect and beautify your property, get in touch.

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