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SKIN has introduced a cutting-edge solution to the industry - microplaster and waterproofing using advanced micro-ceramic technology. This enables you to safeguard both new and existing construction projects from water damage, enhancing the durability and longevity of your investment.

Building a home is a dream we all share. Immense care and effort go into designing, constructing, and decorating a house, making it crucial not to compromise on protecting your investment. Water damage is a primary issue faced by homeowners due to design shortcomings and inadequate protection. This problem is particularly prevalent in the case of in-ground concrete pools, which are susceptible to damage from water pressure and penetration.

With SKIN, you can apply a protective layer around the shell of your concrete pool. Our diverse range of finishing options ensures the finest pool finishes, guaranteeing that your pool remains safe from wear and tear for years to come while maintaining its pristine appearance. Moreover, SKIN is highly effective in general construction, where addressing water permeability is a persistent concern.

What is SKIN

What is SKIN?

We create beautiful finishes and impactful visuals that are as practical as they are glamorous. Our micro-ceramic technology allows for both creativity and utility. Never again will you have to pick between luxury aesthetics and state-of-the-art protection. Whether you are looking for the final step to complete a new project or are needing to breathe life back into old construction, SKIN’s microplaster and waterproofing technology can be used both in and out of the water and offers protection from harsh chemicals and water permeation. Click below to learn more about how SKIN can fortify and glamorize any surface while saving you time, money, and labor.

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Who is SKIN?

We are a group of contractors and aquatics specialists who understand the need for waterproofing. The best pool plaster alternative and finishes are not just about the looks but also about the long life and perfect operability. We know what it takes to create a project that is lasting, functional, and beautiful. Your products should work for you, not the other way around. At SKIN, we believe in your project and in making the best of your investment. Click below to learn more about our mission and why you should believe in SKIN, too.

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