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Breathe new life into your pool with a flawless microplaster and waterproofing system using cutting edge micro-ceramic technology. Protect your swimming pool from damage while enriching its aesthetics with a luxurious look. Make your pool look beautiful and inviting with the best pool finishes, colors, and textures, available only with SKIN Microplaster. 

Whether you’re investing in a new construction project or upscaling an old model, SKIN can deliver you efficiency packed in the form of micro-ceramics. We have revolutionized the way people protect their residential and commercial properties from water damage with high-performing microplaster and waterproofing services. SKIN Microplaster is built with the technology of BASECRETE, a proprietary waterproof bond coat applied to areas requiring an impenetrable barrier against water damage. This makes SKIN perfect for waterproofing all sorts of concrete surfaces, with our best use being a protective coating on in-ground concrete swimming pool shells. 

SKIN Microplaster is applied directly to the surface, even if it is flooded, and the application is completed in just a few hours. If you are a contractor, you can apply to become a dealer to provide SKIN Microplaster to your clients. We are currently accepting applications in the entire United States but we have a special interest in applicators in Texas and Florida who specialize in pool finishes. We offer an incredible partnership that greatly benefits the contractors and clients!

Take your pool to a whole new level in terms of comprehensive protection, luxury aesthetics, and efficient functionality with SKIN. 

What Makes Skin great


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SKIN, applied after SKIN FOUNDATION, creates a smooth, "velvety" finish that can also be sanded to a marble-like shine. You can achieve the best pool finishes and a variety of textures very simply by varying the method of application. The classic SKIN Microplaster finish is the “peach fuzz” texture that looks soft and smooth. 
We not only offer a multitude of SKIN Tones, but they can be customized to fulfill any vision by working with oxides. Our range of colors includes earthy tones in shades of blue, green, beige, pink, and more! You can choose the color that will best suit your outdoor architectural design, light fixtures, and overall aesthetics.
SKIN protects new structures against corrosive agents. Applying a thin layer of SKIN on a new structure will prevent water and chlorides from penetrating the substrate and damaging the structure. SKIN, as well as being waterproof, is highly resistant to common corrosive elements, making your projects inviting but impermeable.
skin Longevity
SKIN is long-lasting and will protect the integrity and beauty of your construction for years to come. When applied by an approved applicator, SKIN has a 5-year minimum guarantee. Our microplaster and waterproofing technology can last several years before needing pool resurfacing, unlike many other plaster products on the market. 
SKIN is both a finishing microplaster and waterproofing product that can be used in and out of water. You can use SKIN for every structure, creating seamless transitions from wet to dry. SKIN is extremely flexible and able to expand and contract without cracking or delamination. There are no limits to what SKIN can do for you.
waterpool Repair
In structures that show corrosion-related damages, such as cracks and chips, the SKIN system can be used to repair the damage already done while sealing the structure to prevent further damage. It is never too late to take advantage of SKIN's unbeatable, proprietary, scientifically proven properties.


Invest in your projects. Invest in SKIN.
Built with the science of BASECRETE and the design of Italy.
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