Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about SKIN Microplaster? We answer some of the most common questions regarding our new and innovative micro-ceramic technology so that you know why you should choose our microplaster and waterproofing services for the best results! Whether you want to protect and strengthen pool surfaces, terrace floors, kitchen counters, or bathroom walls, SKIN microplaster is the only solution you need.

1. What is swimming pool waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of sealing an in-ground concrete pool and other services prone to water damage so that water can't seep into the foundation and adversely affect its health and stability. There are 2 main types of waterproofing: above-ground and below-ground. Above-ground waterproofing seals the upper surface of your pool with a material like plaster or linoleum to minimize leaks and prevent damage from rain. Below-ground waterproofing seals the bottom of your pool with a pool liner or fiberglass. At SKIN, we offer above-ground waterproofing services.

2. Do all concrete pools need waterproofing?
Yes, all concrete pools need a waterproofing system because of their primary construction material - cement. It can absorb water over time and become weak over time. Without properly waterproofing the concrete foundation of your pool, it will be susceptible to water penetration, and mold will grow on the surface, eventually damaging it. Moreover, cracks and spalls will occur, further weakening the foundation of your in-ground concrete.
3. How can waterproofing with the best pool plaster alternative benefit my project?
Waterproofing your pool is beneficial not just to prevent leaks but also to protect the underlying concrete from chemical damage and exposure to harmful environmental elements. The waterproof layer restricts the capillary action of water and keeps the chlorides from reaching and adversely affecting the reinforcement steel. Moreover, it prevents mold and mildew from forming on the pool bed and walls. Most importantly, microplaster and waterproofing your pool safeguard the structure from negative (groundwater) and positive (water inside the pool) water pressure that can crack or unlevel your pool’s foundation.
4. How is SKIN Microplaster different from regular pool plaster?
SKIN Microplaster is made of micro-ceramics, created with the science of Basecrete, which is a proprietary bond coat for waterproofing surfaces susceptible to water penetration. Unlike regular pool plaster that uses an admixture of white Portland cement, marble dust, and other additives, microplaster combines our patented dry compound and resin to create a thin but impermeable protective layer around the pool surface, both vertically and horizontally. We offer more finishing styles, textures, and colors that may be hard to achieve with conventional plaster. Additionally, our cost-effective and time-saving technique makes application quick and easy.
5. Are gunite and microplaster similar?
No, gunite and microplaster are different, but both are used to create a protective lining around certain surfaces. Gunite, also called shotcrete or sprayed concrete, is an artificial mixture of cement, sand, and water used for creating a dense, protective layer around different structures. On the other hand, microplaster is a new technology involving micro-ceramics and resin to line surfaces prone to water permeability, such as concrete pool shells and ceilings, for waterproofing.
6. How long does the microplaster application take?
It depends on the size of your pool or another surface you need the microplaster coating for, but usually, it does not take more than a few hours. It depends on your applicator but usually,the application can be completed within a day.
7. What products do you use for waterproofing?
At SKIN, we use our proprietary dry compound made of ceramic micro-crystals and resin to create a waterproof, anti-corrosive layer on your desired surface. The two ingredients are mixed on-site and applied using a mixing drill with a sheetrock mud whip attachment by certified construction contractors. 
8. Does SKIN Microplaster require regular upkeep?
No, you don’t have to worry about plaster maintenance for a long time. SKIN offers a “use and forget” service, meaning that you can forget about the microplaster after it has been applied properly by a professional contractor. Traditionally, it is advisable to get your pool plaster repaired after three to four years, depending on the frequency of use, but with our microplaster, you don’t have to think about pool resurfacing for at least eight to ten years! 
9. What is the warranty duration for your service?
SKIN Microplaster has a minimum warranty of 5 years. Our microplaster has been designed to withstand frequent use and pressure, so it is more long-lasting than regular plaster. Just ask your contractor for SKIN Microplaster to get our service!
10. How can I receive a quote for microplaster and waterproofing for my pool?
Contact us to find the nearest authorized applicator to you.
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