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Think that your new construction project is vulnerable to water damage? Don’t wait until the cracks form, mold grows, and ceilings leak. Invest in SKIN’s contemporary waterproof microplaster, a sealant-like plaster paint capable of resisting water penetration more effectively than any other plaster on the market. Keep your project’s foundations strong and durable with our science-backed proprietary micro-ceramic product!

SKIN Microplaster is the world’s only waterproof plaster that does not require multiple additives to repel water absorption and can easily be applied to almost any surface, thanks to its quick and Herculean adherence to different surfaces. We have incredible independent lab testing proving our tenacity with pull tests, permeation tests, fire ratings, and chemical resistance tests.

SKIN Microplaster is a specialized waterproofing material that is increasingly being used in general construction projects due to its ability to protect structures from water damage, dampness, and the vast array of associated problems. The ceramic micro-crystals and resin repel water and other liquids, as well as stop moisture from being absorbed. It provides a smooth wearable surface, and the same mix can be applied vertically as well as horizontally. You can even use SKIN Microplaster on ceilings where a weatherproof surface is required. 

Indoor and Outdoor Microplaster and Waterproofing Service

Waterproofing Service

The proprietary product is perfect for use in areas that are prone to flooding or high humidity, such as basements and bathrooms. It is also an effective way to protect structures from the damaging effects of freeze-thaw cycles, rain, and other forms of moisture. With its ‘peach fuzz’ feel, SKIN can be used in hallways, showers, walls, and ceilings.
Additionally, SKIN Foundation can be used in shower pans and other wet areas. Once we prime the area for application, SKIN Microplaster is applied, creating a cleanable, wearable, chemically resistant, finished surface. The thickness of the plaster layer will depend on the level of waterproofing needed, which can range from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Generally, a thin layer is capable of withholding immense water pressure and resisting water penetration.

The use of micro-ceramic plaster is not limited to new projects in construction - it can be used to repair, renovate, and refinish existing projects, too. It will make them more durable and increase their longevity by effectively filling cracks and joints in walls and floors, creating a watertight seal.
Our NSF rating allows the use of micro-ceramic plaster in commercial environments like kitchens, health clubs, and other wet-dry areas, including steam baths and saunas. It can be applied over existing tile, concrete, ICF, and even polystyrene. One of the biggest advantages of microplaster is that it is perfect for use in every environment, irrespective of the climate. Even if you don’t live in a rainy area, microplaster can be helpful in protecting the metal structures of your construction projects from chemical erosion and other corrosive elements. Because we are a micro-cement, labor and material handling costs are greatly reduced.

Seamless Finishes with SKIN Microplaster

SKIN Microplaster is not only better than the best pool plaster finish but also creates clean finishes to perfection on every other surface where it is used. Using the SKIN Foundation component of our Patent Pending system, substrates can be built up from featured edge applications to 2-inch lifts, and finishes are available in an array of SKIN Tones. It’s a collection of earthy tones that look ethereal upon application without appearing unnatural or clinical. 
We even have a specification for application over wooden sheathing, Providing the ability to finish and waterproof balconies and rooftop patios. SKIN Tones (colors) can be re-applied at client requests for a color change. Nevertheless, clients have endless options for finishing to match the overall aesthetics of the project and establish a seamless design that flows smoothly from one surface to the next.

Finishes with SKIN Microplaster

No matter which surface you want waterproofed, it is guaranteed that SKIN’s microplaster and waterproofing technology will deliver you the best results. 
Get in touch with us to see how SKIN Microplaster can benefit your construction projects.

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