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Tested, versatile, and easy to apply. You’ll be astounded by the adaptability of SKIN Microplaster to adhere to any surface and create an elegant, impervious shield. We bring you a harmony of luxurious, modern, and minimalist designs with superior endurance, adding more and more years to your projects. Choose only the best pool finishes and premium plaster with SKIN!

Swimming Pools

Did you put a huge chunk of your savings into building a swimming pool in your backyard? If yes, you would know how imperative it is to ensure that your massive investment serves you for many and many years. The best pool plaster alternatives are waiting for you, that go above and beyond conventional plaster for incredible results! Give the highest degree of protection to your swimming pool and safeguard your investment with SKIN. The effects of temperature, humidity and sun exposure can put great strain on the health, appearance, and function of surfaces in your swimming pool. With SKIN, you can reinforce your pool shell with an impermeable layer of state-of-the-art micro-ceramic plaster.

The best part is that the end result will take the appearance of your pool to the next level, and you will have a gorgeous little lake! Choose from our vast selection of pool finishes with mesmerizing colors and perfect textures for a personalized swimming experience. After all, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get your backyard oasis redone, right? Get in touch with us to find the nearest applicator to you and learn how you can get the most out of your beautiful swimming pool with the best Texas and Florida pool finishes!

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  General Construction

General Construction

Microplaster is not just for pools - you will find it immensely useful in general construction, too! Whether you are building a cozy little house in the suburbs or a giant mall downtown, your construction projects will benefit from SKIN Microplaster. It creates a new finish for your walls, floors, and ceilings, turning them into a contemporary canvas, not only waterproof but also chemical-resistant and mold free. You pick the finish you want and we make it happen for you as efficiently as possible. Create a unique look with premium micro-ceramics that fits your personality and gives you the unique, luxury experience you deserve in your home.

SKIN’s proprietary product is the only waterproofing, dirt resistant and long-lasting micro-ceramic composition that offers comprehensive protection of concrete and masonry surfaces, manufactured with modern technology to guarantee performance. Reducing energy costs and maintenance by forming watertight barriers in seconds, it is the ideal solution for revitalisation of old plasterwork, retrofit applications and a multitude of areas in commercial and residential projects. You can strengthen the foundations and increase the life of your project, making it more stable and healthy. Don’t wait any longer and reinforce your structures with the unmatched strength and waterproof properties of microplaster!

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