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Longer lasting, budget-friendly, visually appealing, non-toxic, and breathable. That is a SKIN Microplaster. We combine advanced technologies with high-quality materials for effective pool plaster alternatives that overcome the challenges of waterproofing in an exceptional way. Transform your swimming pool into a healthy backyard oasis, shielded from the irreversible damage caused by moisture, chemical agents, and atmospheric influences. Choose SKIN Microplaster - the classic in modern waterproofing.

SKIN Microplaster is the world’s only waterproof microplaster and can be applied in water-bearing vessels with less effort and offers a superior surface finish than typical pool plaster-type products or any other option, such as pebble-tec and tiles. It is a revolutionary micro-ceramic technology high-performance waterproofing membrane that recovers the characteristics of water-based wet systems and is suitable for interior or exterior use. Microplaster is a thin, lightweight solution that can be integrated into virtually any construction. microplaster keeps your interior dry, allowing you to use every corner of your pool – with no restrictions!

There are a number of reasons why your in-ground concrete pool needs to be waterproofed so precisely. Concrete pools love water - they will soak up every last drop of water you put in them! Waterproofing restricts the absorption of water, correcting any leaks that could cause water penetration into the pool surface. Water permeability not only destabilizes the structure by creating cracks and chips but also allows easy absorption of chemicals into the pool shell. Unless you protect your pool with the best pool plaster, chemical corrosion and harmful environmental elements affect the health of your concrete structure, and you will have to get the plaster resurfaced more frequently than usual. 

SKIN can be used in flooded and dry areas affording applications that involve an in-out water-to-surface transition. SKIN and SKIN Foundation can go over existing tiles and coping, and onto the patio for a luxurious monolithic aesthetic style. It offers durable, long-term protection against rain, pool water, and all other types of moisture. SKIN Microplaster protects and preserves the quality.

SKIN's waterproofing solutions stop leaks at the source, permanently stopping water ingress and, most importantly – mold! It’s design, elegance, and performance in one product! It requires no additional plaster or adhesive to stick to the surface while creating an effective, impenetrable barrier.

The Best Pool Plaster Alternatives for Every Pool

Pool Plaster Alternatives

Because we are a ‘Micro’ cement coating, we drastically reduce the volume of product needed to finish and waterproof swimming pools. To surface a 700 square foot pool,  only seven 10 KG(22.5 pounds) containers of the proprietary dry compound, along with seven 2.5 liter jugs of our resin (imagine 7 bottles of 2-liter cokes), are needed in the bottom of the pool. Mixing typically occurs in the bottom of the pool using a mixing drill with a sheetrock mud whip attachment. Walls down, the bottom out, no cold joints, no burn lines.

It goes over the pool surface flawlessly like a second skin! You don’t have to worry about a complicated curing process - just let the pool plaster air dry for a couple of days!

Our microplaster can even be lightly sanded during the curing process, removing any bumps or ridges. You can choose among the best pool finishes to find the perfect match for your home for a seamless, homogenous look on your property. Pick your favorite from our wide selection of plaster colors and textural finishes - we have everything from a peach-fuzz finish to a smooth marble-like feel.

You name it, we cover it.
And that’s not all! SKIN Foundation, part of our Patent Pending system, can be used to fill voids and hollows from chip outs. It will take care of every crack and crevice in your pool’s structure, reinforcing the foundations with renewed strength. SKIN Microplaster is applied from the feathered edge to 2” lifts.

Ready-to-Use Pools with Microplaster

SKIN Microplaster has a beautiful, rich finish while maintaining a seamless appearance and protecting against water penetration. With our signature ‘peach fuzz’ feel Microplaster, no special pool ‘start up’ is required. Just wait 72 hours after application and fill the vessel, balance the water (as you would for a fiberglass pool), then start swimming! Our swim-ready SKIN is not only beautiful but also protects the structure of the pool with its impervious surface, preventing water and chemical assault of the concrete and structural rebar.

Thanks to Microplaster, the swimming pool can be spruced up again quickly, easily, and particularly cost-effectively.

Pools with Microplaster

Breathe a new life into your in-ground concrete pool and make it healthier, sturdier, and more beautiful with the best pool plaster and finishes! Microplaster is the only solution when it comes to making the most out of your pool!

Our patented product is tested for efficiency and certified by respective boards! Ask your contractor for SKIN Microplaster and enjoy a healthy pool for years to come.

ASTM/ NSF/ Miami-Dade NOA

Invest in your projects. Invest in SKIN.
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