Creating Aesthetic Impervious Surfaces using Microplaster

November 8, 2022

When most people think of a hospital, they think of white walls and claustrophobia. When they think of a commercial kitchen, they think of metal tables and dingy floors. Some think of mold and mildew when they imagine bathrooms. All of these things give an icky feeling, and you don’t want to be in or around these areas. However, what if there was a product that had all of the effectiveness of metal countertops and ugly tile without the terrible visual input for a comparable price?

There is, and it is called microplaster! 

SKIN’s proprietary micro-ceramic technology combines impressive design elements with foolproof waterproofing, creating a highly effective solution for making surfaces impervious without sacrificing comfortability. It teams up the highly adhesive properties of ceramic micro-crystals with the water resistance of resin to develop a resilient admixture that can withhold both positive and negative water pressure and repel water permeability, resulting in strengthened walls, floors, and other surfaces. 

Microplaster has the visuals and usefulness at prices so affordable that they might leave you astonished - what more could you ask for?

Impenetrable Surfaces for Healthy Foundations with Microplaster

When used correctly, our microplaster and waterproofing can help to extend the life of a construction project and protect it from the damaging effects of water and moisture. Its applicability is vast and varied - it can be used on floors, walls, countertops, baths, and even pools, all while keeping water, corrosive elements, and harmful chemicals away. It looks and acts more expensive than it is, and it has incredible lasting power. 

Once applied, it can be out of mind. So our doctors can think about fixing, our patients can focus on healing, and our chefs can create the next culinary wonder.

Microplaster can also be applied to existing surfaces to protect, repair, and upgrade their appearance. So, if you think that it is too late to get your old projects waterproofed, you would be wrong! You just need to ask your construction contractor or plaster company for it. SKIN goes over every surface smoothly like a defense mechanism from water, chemicals, and other liquids.

By using microplaster, hospitals can become less stuffy and intimidating, and kitchens everywhere can be inviting and glamorous, all while being protected by the science of the product. Bathrooms will be cleaner and more hygienic. SKIN Microplaster upholds your creative vision and strengthens it with impeccable performance. No matter where you desire the microplaster application, we assure you that it will look beautiful and opulent. The best part is that you don’t have to go an inch out of your budget, because the products and application processes save tons on cost, labor, and time.

The Future of Construction

It’s 2023, and we need to stop choosing between design and function. There is an effective solution that combines the best elements of artistic beauty, visual pleasure, and high utility. You may not realize the importance of powerful waterproofing now, but once you get to know SKIN, you will be all about microplaster and waterproofing!

To learn more about how to create beautiful impervious, impermeable surfaces using microplaster, visit SKIN.

Invest in your projects. Invest in SKIN.
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