Microplaster and Waterproofing: Critical Elements of Your Swimming Pool’s Health

March 14, 2023

Swimming pools are a great addition to any home, although they can be expensive to install, especially if you go for in-ground concrete swimming pools. Nonetheless, they provide an enjoyable spot to cool off and relax and also add a touch of style to your outdoor living space. To make the most out of your investment, it is important that you ensure it is constructed properly and maintained regularly. Microplaster and waterproofing are two of the most critical elements to guarantee the good health of your pool and protect it from damage. 

SKIN Microplaster brings forth a brand-new technology that uses micro-ceramics to coat pool surfaces for an impenetrable barrier. Micro-ceramics adhere to the surface more effectively than regular plaster, so the application process is quick and easy. 

Luxury on a Budget: Pool Plaster Alternatives by SKIN Microplaster

Traditionally, Portland cement-based and water-resin mixture is used as plaster to coat the shell of a concrete swimming pool. It can be covered with paint, epoxy, fiberglass, and even tiles for finishing. SKIN Microplaster combines luxurious aesthetics with functionality to offer a high-performing alternative to traditional pool plaster. It is the world’s only waterproof solution that can be applied to water-bearing vessels with minimal effort and superior results; you can customize it with tiles or pebbles if desired, but not needed as microplaster offers beautiful finishes by itself. 

If the surface of your pool is covered in tiles, our microplaster can go over the existing tiles, fill any cracks or crevices, and create a velvety pool finish. Since we use micro-ceramic technology, we require less product than regular plaster to surface the pool. For every 100 square feet, we need 22.5 pounds of the proprietary dry compound and 2.5 liters of resin. Your pool is ready to use 72 hours after application without a need for start-up, unlike conventional plaster!

You must remember that over time, the plaster suffers depreciation. Common plaster erodes in only a couple of years, while the SKIN Microplaster remains resilient for at least five years. Nonetheless, repairing the pool plaster can ensure better pool health and longevity of the structure. Waterproofing experts can guide you in maintaining your pool for maximum usage and long-lasting life.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing: Exploring the Benefits

Concrete swimming pools are the most common type of in-ground pools because they are more long-lasting than vinyl liners and fiberglass pools. A concrete pool is protected from damage caused by water pressure, chemicals, and environmental elements with the help of microplaster - a protective coating that goes over the pool’s surface. With SKIN Microplaster’s revolutionary technology, pool health improves drastically. Here are the benefits of waterproofing your pool:

  • Waterproofing helps protect your pool from water damage and leakage, which can result in costly repairs and renovation. SKIN Microplaster creates an impermeable barrier around your pool's vertical and horizontal surfaces, thereby safeguarding it from the anti-thrust of groundwater. Your pool will not suffer any cracks and chips with microplaster technology. 
  • Waterproofing also helps to extend the life of your pool. By keeping water from penetrating the foundations, you are protecting your concrete swimming pool from degradation. This helps to ensure that your pool remains in good condition for years to come, and minimizes the need for untimely best pool finishes repair and the risk of needing to replace it prematurely.
  • Besides protecting against water damage, waterproofing your swimming pool also protects it against chemical damage. Without a proper waterproofing system, chemicals used in pool maintenance can seep into the pool structure, resulting in corrosion and other problems. Therefore, waterproofing is important for keeping your pool free from harmful chemicals and ensuring its long-term health.
  • Finally, microplaster and waterproofing are important for improving the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool. By keeping water outside the pool, you can keep the area around your pool looking good and avoid unpleasant staining. Since the SKIN Microplaster is available in numerous tones, you can pick the color and textural finish according to your preferences or the architectural designs of your house, from eccentric to earthy, we have it all. 

Pool Resurfacing: Maintaining Your Pool for Maximum Usage

Resurfacing is a crucial component of pool maintenance that allows for maximum usage and enjoyment of your pool. If you have an in-ground concrete swimming pool, pool plaster repair, and resurfacing help maintain your pool's aesthetic and structural integrity. Resurfacing involves applying a new layer of plaster or micro-ceramics to the existing pool surface. Depending on the type of pool, this could be a one-time fix or an ongoing maintenance effort. Applying a new plaster will help ensure the integrity of your pool’s foundations and water tightness.

You must keep in mind that this process is not less than an investment in your pool, so you should choose resurfacing options wisely. Different types of plaster repair and resurfacing are available, including ceramic, quartz, and epoxy. SKIN Microplaster transcends the conventional methods by providing you the cost-effective and time-saving micro-ceramic technology. When you hire waterproofing experts to apply SKIN Microplaster to your swimming pool, you reduce your costs significantly because it is more budget-friendly than polished exposed aggregate plaster, fiberglass, or epoxy. 

The Bottom Line

Pool installation is not a small investment, so you should ensure that you maintain it properly and safeguard it from damage. If you don’t want to go for tedious plaster, SKIN Microplaster offers you the best pool plaster alternatives in the form of micro-ceramic technology. Our special plaster not only protects your pool from water and chemical damage but also gives it a luxurious look. With its easy applicability in flooded regions and dry locations, it is the future of pool plastering, and you should embrace it, too!

Your pool will be safe with SKIN Microplaster’s cutting-edge swimming pool waterproofing technology!

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