Microplaster as a Premier Architectural Finish

November 8, 2022

Gone are the days when a tile-covered surface was pronounced as one of the best pool finishes in Houston, Texas (or anywhere in the world, really.) 

If you open Instagram, the newest issue of Architectural Digest, or take a drive through a new development, you’ll see similar trends across the lines: smooth design elements, soft edges, comforting colorscapes, minimalism, and modernity. The current style in vogue combines chic European elements with bold American designs, creating a perfect symphony of elegance and adventure that pleases the eye in just one glance. It’s true for pool finishes, kitchen counters, and bathroom walls, too!

Microplaster is the key to achieving all of these contemporary design elements while maintaining the utility of your project to its best. With its versatile application options and high-level functionality, here are three reasons why you should consider using microplaster as an architectural finish:

  • The Look

Nothing beats microplaster when it comes to aesthetic pleasure. A smooth surface appeals to the eyes and encourages the viewer to come closer. When using a microplaster to finish a bathroom, the space looks clean and polished without looking sterile and uninviting. In outdoor spaces, microplaster pulls the feeling of the home out into the exterior, setting a mood that travels through the entire property as seamlessly as the product does. Inside pools, microplaster upgrades the look of luxury with a flawless finish; a pool finished with microplaster is not just a pool but a work of art. 

  • The Feel

Microplaster truly feels as good as it looks. Not only is the finish soothing to the eyes, but it is also pleasurable to touch. There are no sharp or rough edges. It is as soft as skin, complete with a “peach-fuzz” texture. When determining the best pool finishes in Houston, Texas, where the weather can depreciate regular plaster finishes, microplaster remains as resilient as ever. It is perfect for bare feet, trailing fingers along the plastered surface, and late-night swims. Microplaster finishes creating intimacy where there is none, making every place feel like home while retaining class and modernity. 

  • The Function

Not only does microplaster combine a perfect look and flawless surface, but it also does what it is meant to do - create a protective, waterproof layer. It works impeccably for aquatic or water-based projects and in general construction. It protects the integrity of a structure by building an impermeable surface backed by science and proven effective by tests. Microplaster creates structures while protecting their longevity, so you can fall in love with your upgraded design and rest assured that it will be there forever. 

SKIN Microplaster is the premier product in microplaster and micro-cements. Once you get your structures safeguarded with our premium proprietary product, you will not want to go back to regular white plaster. What’s better is that you can customize the texture, color, and final finish of the microplaster! Try unique pool finishes in Houston, Texas, for the best swimming experience.  

If you are ready to upgrade your architectural level and dive into the sleek, stunning, and sexy world of microplaster finishes, go to SKIN.

Invest in your projects. Invest in SKIN.
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