The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pool Plaster and Finishes

February 20, 2023

Pool installation is an expensive investment in the United States. The average cost of installing an in-ground concrete pool in Florida ranges between $35,380 and $65,389, and in Texas, it can cost up to $78,000! When you consider the value of your investment, you must realize how important it is to protect your pool from damage, leakages, and dysfunction. One of the most common problems in concrete pools is leakage through the foundation. Even with the best pool plaster, a pool still needs to be properly waterproofed to ensure safety from damage. And it’s not just about protection from damage - your pool also needs to look attractive and welcoming, something that can only be achieved with professional pool finishes.

Conventionally, epoxy-cement systems are used to waterproof swimming pools as they create a resistant layer against counter pressure. The solvent-free elastic resins protect the surface from deterioration caused by chlorine and atmospheric agents. Proper waterproofing protects the pool's surface by creating resistance from positive (water in the pool) and negative (groundwater) water pressure. 

SKIN Microplaster brings a revolutionary technology to the market that can protect your pool from damage with a microcrystal waterproof layer capable of withstanding strong anti-thrust. It combines luxury aesthetics with functionality, creating the best pool finishes, textures, and colors. Whether you’re constructing a new pool or reviving an old project, microplaster technology works flawlessly for water protection and pool designs. 

SKIN Microplaster - the Best Pool Plaster Alternative for Effective Waterproofing

There are three primary characteristics that define the viability of a pool waterproofing system - the ability of the technology to endure both positive and negative water pressure, resist changes in water temperature, and withstand acidity and alkalinity in the pool water. SKIN Microplaster offers a pool finishing solution that combines all these characteristics with colors that compete with even the best pool plaster color, velvety finishes, comprehensive protection, and easy application. 

What is microplaster technology? It is a functional and beautiful coating on the surface of the pool composed of micro-ceramics and water-based resins. The coating has a strong adherence to different surfaces, making it ideal for use in pools, aquatic structures, baths, and any other surface prone to water permeability and damage. This modern method is perfect for general construction applications and is available in various colors, textures, and pool finishes. From hospital walls to swimming pools, SKIN Microplaster is the perfect safeguard. Micro-ceramic technology is one of, if not the,  best pool finishes in 2023, and here are the reasons why:

  • Complete Pool Protection

Micro-ceramic technology creates an impervious coating on the pool surface, both horizontally and vertically, protecting the concrete foundation from water permeability and subsequent damage. It significantly reduces the vulnerability of your pool to cracks and chips forming due to the strong anti-thrust of the underground water, forming a protective barrier from negative water pressure. Microplaster also protects swimming pools from chemical damage.

  • Impeccable Velvety Finish

Once the microplaster is coated on the pool surface, it creates the best pool finishes. Your pool surface gets a smooth, velvety finish that you can customize to suit your aesthetics. Whether you want to keep it textured or sand it for a marble-like shine, it’s your choice. Depending on the method of application, we can create different textures and finish options so that you can personalize your pool as best as possible. 

  • Versatility in Application

If you have an old pool that suffered depreciation due to design flaws and lack of protective coating, or you plan to install an in-ground concrete pool, we can help you safeguard your investment. SKIN Microplaster can be applied to new and existing swimming pools, used in general construction, or adhered to ceilings for maximum protection from water damage and seamlessly transitioning from wet to dry surfaces. 

  • The Best Pool Plaster Color

Discover the design potential of your swimming pool with various plaster color options offered only by SKIN Microplaster. We have a multitude of color options that can be customized to fit your vision by working with oxides. Our natural earth tones work beautifully with outdoor lights, making your pool look mesmerizing and bewitching.  

  • Long-Lasting Solutions

As the best pool plaster alternative, SKIN offers a viable option for safeguarding your swimming pool from damage for years to come. SKIN Microplaster is long-lasting when applied in the proper manner by an approved applicator and can last for at least five years. It offers an install-and-forget service, meaning that once the application is complete, you don't have to worry about upkeep and maintenance. 

Invest in Comprehensive Protection and the Best Pool Finishes in 2023

SKIN Microplaster is a relatively new technology in the world of pool plaster and waterproofing services, but it is already revolutionizing the way we protect our investments from damage due to design flaws and environmental elements. Our micro-ceramic technology offers state-of-the-art safeguarding solutions, and the best swimming pool finishes not only from water damage but also from common corrosive elements and chemicals. 

SKIN Microplaster makes your existing projects and new construction impermeable and more attractive. Our wide range of color and textural finishes allows you to create a personalized swimming experience that matches your architectural designs and aesthetics. The best part is that we help you save on time, labor, and cost, as ceramic plaster technology is more affordable than tile or aggregate pool finishes. Microplaster will be an investment worth making for the long life of your swimming pool. 

Take advantage of SKIN Microplaster unparalleled proprietary technology and make the most out of your pool SKIN - it’s even better than the best pool plaster

Invest in your projects. Invest in SKIN.
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